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Massage for tango dancers
Arnd Odenwald
Certified Rolfer & Movement Trainer

Dancing involves a lot of movement and, in addition to the feet, other structures are also put under a lot of strain.

During the festival you have the opportunity to treat yourself to a massage 'plus'. You can balance your body a little, as well as relieve and pamper your legs and feet.


Make your appointment by phone at

+49 176 4774 23 54

or talk to me directly (light pants, dark blue T-shirt with Rolfing logo).



  • 60 euros/60 minutes
    (for more than just a massage)

  • 30 euros/30 minutes
    (e.g. for a foot massage)

  • 20 euros/20 minutes
    (e.g. a neck relaxer)

Massage Methode
Beate Endrödy

Massage therapist with heart & Strength 

Be ready for a tango adventure full of passion, relaxation and well-being. Immerse yourself in a world full of magic and free yourself from aching feet, tense neck or shoulders.

My specialty are:
Wellness, sports, high-tech, hypno or AromaTouch massage.
Let me pamper you vigorously and caringly with my 11 years of experience and experience the pleasant soothing of your muscles and tendons.

Reserve an appointment for yourself or your dance partner today! It is worth it!

Bye, Baba
Beate Endrödy, your massage therapist with heart & Power

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