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Orquesta Típica Sans Souci 
The Orquesta Típica Sans Souci specializes in the interpretation of repertoire played by orchestras led by maestros Miguel Calo and Osmar Maderna between the early 1940s and mid-1950s. Both formations were stylistically linked, so much so that the second could be seen as a continuation of the first.
The main characteristics that characterize this style can be summarized in the adoption of a romantic repertoire in both the instrumental and the sung pieces, with chamber music orchestrations that make use of the resources of the different sections of the orchestra - strings and bandoneons - and the Inclusion of virtuoso solo passages, always within the framework of maintaining the rhythmic framework, which makes the formation particularly appreciated for its dance ability.
Since original scores do not exist, the repertoire was saved from original recordings and radio recordings from this period. The Orquesta Típica Sans Souci is the only ensemble that has dedicated itself to this repertoire for more than 20 years and has been highly recognized by audiences, colleagues and dancers.

Violines: Paula Angélica García Presas, Amanda Burgos, Carolina Rodriguez

Cello: Claudia Verena Sereni

Double Bass: Mariano Nestor Benede

Bandoneons: Rodrigo Avalos, Ignacio Martinez Lalis, Hubert Plessis

Piano: Leonardo Fabricio Fernandez

Voz: Emiliano Gustavo Castignola

Since 2003, Tanghetto has been constantly emerging with new creations. Including live recordings and compilations, 16 longplay CDs have been released, some of which have been nominated for the major Latin American music awards "Latin Grammy" and "Premio Gardel". The current CD "Argentinos" was also nominated for the "Latin Grammy" 2023 in the category Tango. According to Tanghetto, almost all CDs have achieved gold or platinum status.
... with Julia Jech on violin, Norbert Kotzan on bandoneon, Jorge Coll on piano, Johannes Alisch on double bass. The Cuarteto Bien Porteño presents music from a hundred years of tango history and masterfully stages its unique emotionality for dancers and listeners. 

With musical finesse, the ensemble brings the depth and passion of tango to the stage. The four musicians consciously draw on the sound of their original interpreters for their interpretations from the rich treasure trove of classical and modern tango pieces. 
With its tried and tested line-up, the ensemble brings the musical contrasts and tonal colours of Argentine tango by Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D'Arienzo, Horacio Salgán and Aníbal Troilo to life with stylistic confidence and also devotes itself to contemporary compositions and tango nuevo from the second half of the 20th century. The multi-layered compositions by Astor Piazzolla in particular seem to be tailor-made for the quartet and give it the necessary freedom to create its very own sound ideal between the extremes of massive power and fragility.
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