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DJs and VJ

Claudio Coppola
DJ Traditional from Paris - France
Claudio Coppola is from Naples. After studying psychology, he started tango in 2003 and learned from the best of the best and hasn't stopped practicing it since.
He has lived in France since 2011 and teaches regularly in Paris and across Europe. His pedagogy is based exclusively on respect and attention to the partner, on connection, on a spontaneous and tension-free movement, on improvisation and above all on fun!
Claudio is also a DJ, known for his musical sensitivity and qualities as a musician. For more than four years he has been dealing with musicalization after discovering the richness and diversity of the greatest tango orchestras. He finds immense satisfaction and above all great emotion when he makes people dance. For him, a successful milonga is one where the dancers end up tired, but with such a comfortable tiredness! For this he draws on the resources of classical orchestras, which are full of energy but above all very melodic.


Saskia Frankena

Neo DJ from Arnheim, Netherlands
Saskia is purely a Neotango DJ. In her sets she uses all kinds of music, if danceable. From the Middle Ages, classical to tango, from traditional Argentinian folk music to rock, jazz, from the West to the East, North to South. Original, covers or remixes.

She likes to use lyrical music, music that tells a story, with some drama, some gloominess and several layers in the music to play with. 
Serving the dancers is what her sets are about, by facilitating music that can carry and ignite that tango connection.

Coming from Contact Improvisation she started dancing tango, wanting to learn Contact Tango, but got bitten by the traditional tango virus. It is a legacy she really honors. But her love for contemporary music and the playfulness of Neotango keeps pulling at her. Therefore her mantra is: “ Same soul, different sounds”
In 2018, together with Ezequiel Sanucci, she founded “La Neo” in Amsterdam. 

During the lockdowns in 2020-2021, she played on an almost weekly basis for Neotango TV. From there on it went fast. Besides playing at multiple Marathons and neolongas in the Netherlands, Essen, Toulouse, Nantes and Lyon (Fr.) Meissen, Ludwigshafen, Berlin (De). Saskia now also runs and plays a monthly Neolonga “Flor de Neo” in Arnhem.
DJ Saskia Lyon-5 13-11.jpg

Martin. Schwutke

Traditional DJ from Kiel, Germany
Martin (“El Gaucho Aleman”) lived in Buenos Aires for seven years and worked there as a musician. He is married to an Argentine and his children were born in Buenos Aires. Martin's passion for tango arose locally at the Rio de la Plata. He speaks Buenos Aires Spanish (Castellano) fluently and understands the lyrical language of tango. Since 1987 he has been trained in Live Performance Competence through an international music school (Guitar Craft), and with countless concerts on three continents. This qualification is one of the foundations of his DJ work.
Martin applies his experience in CD production to tango music and creates his own adaptations and remasters in the studio to high standards. The sound quality is dear to him, the ideal being the tango orchestras as they may have actually sounded in the past! Martin also regularly DJs at milongas in Buenos Aires. His DJ style is traditional, balanced with energetic and lyrical elements. He studies and plays the bandoneón: he opens and closes the Milonga with a small live performance.
Bärbel Rispler
DJ from Düsseldorf, Germany
For me as a DJ it is a joy to put together music that touches and moves me. A need to draw a line with music, from the so called “Golden age“ with its complexity and virtuosity in the transition to interpretations of the new “small” orchestras - the Quartetos, Quintetos Sextetos - with their "freshness” up to contemporary music - the so-called Electrotango , Tango Nuevo, Non and however we like to categorize them all. In this arc I would like to repeatedly make references to Tango Argentino, play music with variety, a lot of dynamics and complexity and of course a lot of heart.
The photo of me was recently taken at a workshop with the musicians Fran, Mikele and Cecilia from Tangorra Orquesta Atípica, who discussed the origins and development of electro tango with us.
They talked about their desire to transform the sound of the city of Buenos Aires today into tango music - the city of Tango Argentino - as it sounds now and today. They showed us how they take the style, rhythms and phrasing of the great tango orchestras of the Golden Era of Tango Argentino and transform them into electronic beats. How the tango continues to develop for them. They want to build a connection with the dancers and create a flow together in the music and dance. 
We are very happy that we can experience the Tango Argentino.
So let's enjoy the music and dance!
NTDJ from Munich, Germany, born in Italy
DJ Franco was born in Rome (Italy) and has been living in Munich (Germany) for a few years now. 
He started playing piano when was 6 years old, studying classical music for many years, then moving on to blues and then to jazz.
His journey as a passionate Tango dancer began in 2016 and in 2018 he started to perform as a Neotango DJ, in almost 200 events till today.
Jazz-like improvisation, creation of own patterns, free sequencing are what melts him with Tango. Pure feelings expressed through music following improvisation and dance floor, that's why every set he plays is unique.

DJ Franco

TDJ Katharina

DJ from Düsseldorf/Neuss, Germany
As a DJane, on traditional Milonga evenings, I mostly play music the audience is already familiar with. But I also like to experiment and to surprise everyone with new versions of well-known classics and different arrangements of old recordings. I want to inspire the dancers to improvise, to go with the flow and ultimately, to feel the tango spirit.
There‘s nothing worse than boredom on the dance floor, and for a DJ, there is nothing better than a big crowd dancing till the La Cumparsita.
Therefore, I am always susceptible to the vibes from the dance floor. I change the rhythms and Tandastyles gradually, always according to the atmosphere in the room and the energy of the dancers
My Milonga evenings represent my personal tastes, but at the same time I am always open to requests from the dance floor and do my best to satisfy  the expectations of the audience. Keeping the natural flow of tango dancing in mind, I will easily adjust the mood and the atmosphere, while creating and maintaining an authentic tango experience.
A well- chosen, thoughtful selection of music is like a box of chocolates - each one tastes different, but they are all incredibly delicious.
I offer you boxes filled with exquisite chocolates to satisfy each 
taste -- so much pleasure and no fear of gaining weight!
Thanos Kasidis
Neo DJ from Athens, Greece

Thanos started dancing tango in 2006. He has always been fascinated by alternative music for tango steps . 
He has been organizing “Milonga Aternativa” for 10 years in different places in Athens and also djed @ Bremen Munich, Toulouse, Nantes, Stutgard, Bruges, Torino & Rome. 
He always plays  music according to the feelings of the moment and the people in the dance floor. 
You can find more of his music in the link below :

Thanos Kasidis

DJ Tango21
DJ from Düsseldorf, Germany
I have been involved with tango since the last millennium. Traditional tango was the first dance and music to capture me and often gave me the famous "three-minute happiness". My ultimate goal as a DJ is to enable as many couples as possible to experience this elation when dancing together. I like to play traditional tangos. Especially in the Epoca d'Oro, the music is so captivating, varied and differentiated for dancers as it is not the case before and after. Tango tradicional has infected and fascinated me to this day. I can also revel in it as a DJ.

However, as the name "DJ Tango21" aka Geert says, I am also very interested in the tango of today, the tango of the 21st century. The Epoca d`Oro is the phenomenal peak of tango as dance music, but it is not the present. I am interested in including the tango of today for dancers, to make it clear that tango is not a museum of itself, but has a development that builds on traditional tango. Tango is not a historical art form, it is current, as a culture, as music, as poetry and as dance. When I'm in Buenos Aires, I look for it in the off-milongas or at the events organised by the musicians themselves, such as the Electrotango Festival or at the Centro Atletico Fernandez Fierro (CAFF), and I always come across good dance music with clear rhythms and new influences that interpret tango in a contemporary way and give it a historical resilience and vitality.
As a DJ, I therefore play a wide variety of music - both classical, preferably in the romantic Zollhaus in Willich near Düsseldorf, but also at neo-tango events such as the Nuevo Tango Rave in Bremen. I am interested in the whole spectrum of lyrical and romantic tangos, from the musically dramatic to rock and jazz-inspired pieces. The important thing for me is always the danceable "rhythm", where everyone has to join in.
16 DJ Tango21 aka Geert-kl.jpg
Andreas Lange
Neo VJ from Hanover, Germany
Andreas Lange is a photo, video and conceptual artist. He joined tango in 2005 and has been interested in dance and music ever since, both in the  traditional field and in alternative concepts. In 2015 he expanded his artistic work into the areas of visual live performance. Since then, his live performances can be found at many neotango events in Europe. He picks up the mood of the music and the dancers and translates them live into visual elements. These are created by mixing and changing different graphic elements in real time, and in turn influence the dancers. He calls his live performance Visual Dancing. The content he uses comes partly from his exhibitions, was created by him especially for visual dancing, comes from artist friends or from publicly accessible sources. 2019 he established ultra-widescreen visuals up to image formats of 72:9 in the neotango scene – not every beamer now projects the same image content, but a wide image is projected over several beamers. In 2020 and 2021 he created the artistic concept of NeotangoTV and played virtual dance floors with his visuals in more than 300 hours. He also created virtual stages for streamed live concerts by Carlos Libedinsky and Steamed Tango Project.
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