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Emily Korte


At the center of my art is the human body, to feel the inner attitude of my counterpart and to express the sensed in fast, light lines, characterizes my work.  In the salon I draw the dancers directly, mostly I use ink and wax chalk.

A drawing unframed from the block 170 €

With Passpartout 200 €

With passpartout and framers 230 €

0172 5953524

Exhibition: TANGO & ART

During the Tango Festival RheinRuhr, the Kunsthaus Popescu ( presents the exhibition “TANGO & ART”. Festival visitors can view (and purchase) a wide selection of works that artistically explore the themes of tango, Argentina and Latin America. Over 50 selected paintings, graphics and photos by the artists Maria del Rosario Argüello, Ingrid Dreschke, Florencia Menéndez, Peter Wacker, Proyecto Parpagnoli, Romy Musholt and Mabel Berzano are presented.

The KHP from Düsseldorf has specialized in the topics of South America and tango for years and has established, among other things, the ARS TANGO exhibition series in recent years. We are pleased that we were able to convince the KHP to organize such a diverse art exhibition for our festival visitors.

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